• Calling the Circle, by Christina Baldwin offers this powerful new tool to everyone who longs for a community based on honesty, equality, and spiritual integrity.

  • The Fifth Discipline, by Peter Senge explains why the “learning organization” matters, provides an unvarnished summary of his management principles and offers some basic tools for practicing it.

  • Appreciative Inquiry, by David Cooperrider and Diana WhitneyWritten by the founders of AI, this short, practical guide offers an approach to organizational change based on the possibility of a more positive future.

  • Presence, by Betty Sue Flowers, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Peter Senge
    This year long series of conversations reveals the human capacity to “presence”—to pre-sense, to become present to an emerging future .

  • Community: The Structure of Belonging, by Peter Block
    Offers a way of thinking about our places that creates an opening for authentic communities to exist and details what each of us can do to make that happen.

  • Theory U, by Otto Scharmer
    By moving through the “U” process we learn to connect to our essential Self in the realm of “presencing”.

  • On Becoming Aware: A pragmatics of experiencing: Edited by Natalie Depraz, Francisco J. Varela and Pierre Vermersch

  • Dioalog on leadership - Interviews to twenty-five of today's leading thinkers on knowledge and leadership–inventors, entrepreneurs, scientists, academics. What resulted from these interviews and from various meetings is a view that emphasizes the quality of awareness and attention as the primary driver for high performance and creativity within and around social systems.

  • - is a way of transforming parts of your character that you’d like to change with compassion and understanding, and offers an effective technology for balancing these diverse parts.

  • - Arawana’s pioneering work as a choreographer, performer and educator is deeply sourced in collaborative improvisation. She currently heads the creation of Social Presencing Theater (SPT) for the Presencing Institute. 

  • - The Art of Hosting is an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal to the systemic using personal practice, dialogue, facilitation and the co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges.

  • - The World Café is based on a few simple ideas, but those ideas are situated in a complex nexus that includes elements of process itself, philosophical thinking both historic and recent, a lexicon of new language, emergent social behaviors, and many other groups and methods that are exploring similar territory.