Marina Seghetti


"Holding the space is my job in life, to offer a generative and connective environment. In my personal experience, it's like being a conscious riverbed for the flow of what wants to emerge; both as a continent and as an edge."

She works on what is seen and what is not seen. Different life paths, knowledge, skills and aspirations come together to give her a special insight and approach to the problems she face. She design spaces for connection, training and practice towards tangible and intangible human development that welcomes people, professionals and groups from many parts of the world. 

If there is an essential idea in our her philosophy: together we reach places that we could not reach alone. She has been working with groups and individuals from the beginning and participates in independent research groups with the aim of studying the development of ethics and integration between religions and cultures. She studied education and institutional/organisational psychology, specialising in the psychoanalytical field. Until 2015 she worked in the education sector and in public administration. Since 2015 she has been working independently from ParamitaLab to facilitate transformation processes in the individual, educational, community and institutional spheres. She is a member of the volunteer Holding Team of the Presencing Institute. 

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+39 334 206 6723