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Hosting organization & tailor-made training for European Mobility

Funding is available for individuals and/or groups of participants based in the European Union. 

This call for proposals supports individual and group learning mobility in the field of youth and adult education to provide learning opportunities for learners, teaching and non-teaching staff, and to support the internationalization and institutional development. 

Deadline: end of December 2023

POC: Luna Villalba Phone/Telegram/WhatsApp +39 334 206 6723

The project mission:

Social transformation and community development in youth and adult education:

  1. Learn about different cultures and educational systems while broadening professional and personal horizons. To share best practices and learn about new approaches to transformative youth & adult learning. To assist organizations working in the sector with internationalization, professionalization and institutional development programmes.
  2. To develop novel, creative, or collaborative live curricula or courses on inclusion, equity, and non-discrimination; bridging intercultural, generational and societal divides.

Through Mobeco we organize:

  • Mobility initiatives to Florence; the mobility initiative gives an individual or a group of participants the opportunity to participate in a fully customized training course, where the programme can be integrated with cultural experiences. The minimum number of participants for the mobility initiative is 12. Grants are available for groups of participants based in the European Union.

  • Intervision group: it is a common experience for a professional faced with a project to ask for reflection with other colleagues. This confrontation can take two forms: supervision and intervision. When we speak of supervision, we generally refer to a relationship between two professionals, one of whom is more experienced, who reflect together on the work of the less experienced. Intervision, on the other hand, implies a context in which several professionals with an equivalent level of preparation reflect on their practice and support each other in improving their skills. And it offers the opportunity to learn from those with a different experience and orientation from the case presenter.

Explore more about Mobeco here  

Making Aware Residency 2023 | June-July 2023, Tuscany, Italy