Always go back to the core where everything belongs. Echoes of the Unfolding -4th ghathering

Change is all there is. However, it takes a childlike heart to embrace this perpetual change. To approach this, it takes the heart of a child. You have to be deadly earnest, but you also have to be seriously playful.

What we bring today to this session?

- source - possibilities - fullness - completeness - places - we - togetherness - layers - proccess going on - spaces in between - holding space -

What did you notice?

chaos that's living in my life

inspire me to do things

allowing myself to change every moment

and not get stuck


sparkle of good and beauty that echoes my heart

allowing me to be different

something comes before being


inspired to tie and bring things together


add imperfection

allowing to change at any moment

not limply structure


how to move in each direction?

the balancing stance is the origin point

the deep dimension of life is perceived

everything comes into manifestation

then summed up

what structure is holding it?


What do I have to do?

Trust life is with me

No proving

See with the eyes of the heart


The various energies which play upon the human being and produce his unfoldment constitute his field of experience. Those two words - unfoldment and experience - should ever be linked, for each produces the other. As one is subjected to experience in the form world, a paralleling unfoldment of consciousness is carried forward.

Stay safe, stay well and stay connected,

Debora, Uri and Marina