First gathering of spring season 2021

A beautiful time-lapse of flowers opening

Almost three minutes of visual (and also spiritual) respite, this time-lapse by Next Observer shows a wonder of colours, shapes and fractals embodied in a beautiful collection of flowers opening.

It is an event that takes place every day, everywhere, before our unnoticed eyes. The delightful phenomenon gently reminds us of the passage of time and, also, of the transience of our own lives - a display of beauty and a reminder of one of the secrets of happiness: the art of paying attention.

We landed with...

Joyful heart

cracking in and out with softness

ordering & letting rest

spaciousness and expansion




tears too

We wonder about the intention...

What is the flower you choose to be a witness of how it unfolds during this process? What is the intention you bring along to see how it opens up in this social field?

Trust the journey, rest the soul

Showing up it's enough

breathe now

inhabit me

in habit my home

create my space

Rest, care and habit

visualizing what is happening

feeling almost passing out

Inner child begging for mercy

bubbling presence

direction full of life

leaning in...

to be...


Resting and leaning into weakness

being real with what is and comes up

allowing weakness to be…

a place to rest collectively

caring for the field

Connecting the three times

to stretch into rested presence

stretching is staying

trusting & being led

I was discovering small spaces within my body

thought I am contradictory

I started to draw because I could not write


not only the body

the skin

touching the aura

no words to explain

Uterus close to the paper

focusing in my heart during the dance

frustration came up and I feel it is not open

Language is so direct with my left hand

I long for love and connection

please I'm sad, help me

Being near to the intention is scary

I have the resources to go through

Shame dissolving

sending much love…

Try, I love how you find unity in contrasts

Connecting the dots of the three times

I have to accept what comes to me at every moment

trusting that I have the resources

to go through if I can connect the dots


We invite you to just enjoy the smooth and organic sense of feeling that can be the foundation for cultivating and choose how we want to grow our social field.

With joy and care

Debora, Marina and Uri