ParamitaLab - Paramita Studio

Transformative experiences, in groups and teams, for conscious evolution - in education, organisation and community.

What is it?

𝘗𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘮𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘢𝘢 is a Sanskrit word that can be literally translated as 'to go beyond', 'to shift to the the other side'; it expresses the commitment to go beyond the limits of ordinary life. ⠀

By doing things in consonance with the intention of preserving and generating life and pacifying human relations, freedom is created, as the multiple singularities build an organic whole. Only through the awareness and responsibility of each action is it possible to begin to think about the concept of freedom. Where freedom is a term related to the ability of the conscious mind to take the imprints and conditioning signals of each person and use them to create the future. Each person carries within him or herself the mark of his or her action in the world, and when one recognises these traits, one can find an invaluable contribution to the community.

Paramita sums up an ethical conception of freedom. ⠀

For over 8 years, in a continuous process of creation and co-creation, ParamitaLab has evolved and redefined itself as a laboratory that explores and expands the boundaries of learning, in groups and teams, of social art and human development, illuminating paths of possibility for the conscious evolution of ourselves and our social, natural and cultural environment. ⠀

What do we do?

Inspired by art, ancient traditions and nature, which are mirrors and reflections of our potential to create:

  • 🌾 We research and explore social dispositifs based on dialogue and co-creation.

  • 🌾 We explore and facilitate experiences to learn and create a meaningful and applicable knowledge.

  • 🌾 We make visible the social implications of art, not only in its aesthetic dimension but also as a vehicle for participation and social transformation.

  • 🌾 We seek actions that restore the social fabric and cultural transmission.

  • 🌾 We create projects and disseminate content that raise awareness and inspire possible paths.

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