Take a step back to observe and be open to what it is. Echoes of the Unfolding -3rd ghathering

To be open to what is is to become receptive to the experience, beyond any judgement.

To be receptive to the experience means that we have nothing to accept and nothing to reject, but instead only to recognise that the situation, however it presents itself at a given time, deserves to be investigated more closely.

Deep gratitude to our very dear Anna for her visual sensing

- I see the opposite of stuck - I felt a gift - I sense the beauty of the season - I sense different levels/layers come together - I see cycling and recycling - I see fluidity/paths/ways - I see fullness and dynamic emergent movement -

Beauty & Dancing

What we bring today to this session?

sun & spring time

relaxing time in nature - everybody's heart - the visual from the heart - effortlessness - deep breath - patience and learning - projects

hope & presence

What did I learn trough my body and this dance?

- noticed my body ready and more spontaneous - when I reach my heart, beating, help me to take step back to observe and reflect - struggling with the order -

I was focused through my heart wondering what it is visible to invisible.

What did I learn?

The possibility of self-medicate. The attention in the Center made me felt my heart deeper.

I noticed the emotional pain.

There is a time to come and a time to go; to close and to open; to give and to take; to stretch and to bend.

To be aware when to cut and when to balance.

Letting go and letting come was a struggle; I'm calling back the same instead of letting come.

Letting go felt empty, I begin to reduce the amount of energy to that sorrow.

In my garden I was attracted to my hammock, there was something calling in on the ground.

Insight about life, death and its cycles.

Exhaling is more letting go

I was in a contract posture, and then I let go and felt relief.

It was so clear that I could really trust the floor/earth to hold my weight: inspired me to look more hard floors in my life

Should I start from myself or from looking around?


Anna Maggi is an embodiment practitioner, facilitator and visual artist at Systemic Sensing Studio, and this 25th of March was invited to practice Visual Sensing at Unfolding the Invisible.

"During the session the visual started with white painting gestures, searching for the quality of the movement, and then building a white space from which the rest of the image and colours could emerge. Immediately after this white space come up, colour arrived in many chromatic gestures that then evolved in the course of the artistic creation. The colour come up from the very first practice, and then during the 20 min Dance these coloured gestures merged with the white. It was all aimed at a search for a movement that starts from a MA, from a stillness, and then arised in an enfolding of forms, of forces, of energies where the presence of the red sign, of ‘unconditional love', of this luminosity is predominant and enveloping. There were various characteristics, various textures in this movement, which are formed by the textures of the movements of our social field and the different textures that are part of each of us."

Visual Sensing is a visual and movement exploration. I am an artist, a designer, a painter and also an embodiment practitioner and facilitator. So when I do Visual Harvesting through Visual Sensing, the movement and the energies come into me, they all emerge and then merge together into a visual art piece."


All thoughts contain energy and all energies contain thoughts. Being aware of this, it is important to strengthen the creative power of the mind and to be aware of one's own responsibility.

The world we live in is created by ourselves.

Stay safe, stay well and stay connected

Debora, Uri and Marina