What are you trying to tell me? Echoes of the Unfolding -2nd ghathering.

Last Thursday, we had the second of our 9 session journey.

The moon in Taurus brought us a sense of slowness and delicate exploration. Fluid energy of care for ourselves and for the field we were into.

We explored in slow motion the intelligence of our body with the courage to embrace what emerged.

Why is important to be here today?

Since one year now is like a breathing space to be with others -community-.

We engage with what matters from a place which it is true.

Phase in my life where i'm working in trauma and healing.

Unfold, come and let go, take a lot of effort.

In conversation with myself

I don't know who I am.

Do I have to hide?

Did I forget?

To unfold the invisible interconnected to heal things in my life.

Ready to be me and see what happens.


stay and look for calmness

in repeating, the awareness

This meeting reminded me of the opportunity. It is important to me

I want to do and you are here to support me.


I felt so refresh last week


Want to explore more of the body wisdom

There is something in me that wants to be born the opportunity to just be in the moment.

Creativity in myself and just its impact withdraw me from the dusk.

Tired - not lucid - late

but my body wanted to be here beyond any articulation why

Never-ending exploration is to be in the present moment.

What did you notice?

Feel the infinite in my body was very expansive

show me that I need to ground in my planet earth

Grounded and safe

the toes were my best

Simplicity gave me new perspectives, different surfaces

heels were difficult: I don't have enough surface

walk for 5 minutes in limited space! Wow, they finished very fast

It was almost as dancing, I was messing around mesmerized.

I wanted to be a dancer, and I feel so.

I feel a lot of cracks

difficult to balance in my body with heels

I enjoyed most the toes

I noticed I have my fist close

and then relax

felt a pain that I didn't feel before

I didn't understand the infinite was taking over of me

Felt the difficulties of holding the practice

repeating, do it again and again

it took me a while

With my heels I felt clumsy with no flexibility

going backwards, it was impossible for me

how could anybody like the heels first?

I notice the diversity

It is nice to see what happen to me when I hear you

I was struggling

I don't know if I did it in the way you said

then I look at some people, and I saw them doing differently,

then and I relax, calm down

I don't like that I want to do it 'right'. I get stressed if I don't do it 'right'.

Frustrated. Still thinking, and I'm doing it, right?

I am a runner very aware of my feet challenging my beliefs.

I can't be present constantly thinking if what I'm doing is it right or wrong.

It is not about 'right or wrong', thought if I am connected as I should be.

Is sometimes ok to not be connected?

I love my body, humans, and I'm connected.

I do a lot of whatever

sleep little, tense, clumsy

I felt like a brick. I couldn't be present with the infinite

It doesn't matter, nothing matters.

Whatever needs to happen, will happen.

Some things can not be explained with words

adjust my body to feel the weight and found peace

to be able to attend to something;

to see what it meant without being worried.

What is the gift you are taking from today?

- fun - release - lightness - aliveness - infinite - happiness - appreciation -


All shapes and forms are impermanent; they come and go. Truly realizing this phenomenon also involves understanding that nothing in awareness is lost.

Stay safe, stay well and stay connected,

Debora, Uri and Marina