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Studio atelierista 

/from insight to action

Studio Atelierista is an interdisciplinary creative space dedicated to exploring how to make the intangible visible. When we refer to the intangible, we delve into the inner-outer dynamics of social fields - specifically thoughts, emotions, felt senses and sensations. Making these intangible experiences visible increases our awareness and allows us to interpret them in new ways, paving the way for collective transformation.

Studio Atelierista's approach is rooted in design, embodied awareness and transformative education. To generate new knowledge, we actively collaborate with partners in interdisciplinary fields, including creative technologies, film & photography, and sensory anthropology. By bridging these diverse disciplines, we aim to illuminate the previously unseen and contribute to a deeper understanding of the intricate interplay within social spaces.

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Making Aware Residency 2023 | June-July 2023, Tuscany, Italy

Leadership and emotional intelligence for educators | Set 2022
Holistic learning in adult education | Set 2022
Sustainable economics in community education | Oct 2022
Radically Thinking as a Species: Diversity, power and participation in migrant solidarity work | Oct 2022
Organisational development for adult education institutions | Nov 2022
Conflict transformation for trainers | Nov 2022

*PH: Leonardo, Making Aware residency 2023, Florence