Unfolding the Invisible is
  • a place where we ask questions; 

  • about the connection between internal and external work;

  • highlights the role of imagination in the transformative social process and the centrality of alternative ways of thinking;

  • about perceiving entanglememt, uniting thought and practice and enabling connective understanding.


  • Marina Seghetti >>>
    The greatest gift we can offer is an attentive and non-manipulative presence. Technique can be of great help, but in the long term if this sense of presence is lacking, it has less impact than we can imagine.​​

A connective practice leading to social and ecological ethics and aesthetics
By connecting artists, students, practitioners, projects, audience members and researchers from various practices, thinking spaces and regions of the world, we create spaces for dialogue, transdisciplinary research and connective practices that contribute to creative transformation, social and ecological ethics and the emergence of an aesthetic towards a more compassionate world. 

Aesthetics and change agents
Our work as changemakers includes practices that explore the role of intuition, logic and imagination in the transformative process. We see a strong link between 'responsibility as responsiveness', an eco-social future and the aesthetic process.
We propose the creation of "instruments of consciousness" and not "objects of attention".

Another world is possible
Our territory and practices move towards the exploration and application of universal values, new forms of thinking and new ways of being in the world: we focus on exploring new forms of acting with ease.

Exploring the nature of our freedom
The different manifestations of the Unfolding the Invisible practice group share a commitment to the exploration and practice of freedom. But also recognise that we are not here alone: it is not just about the freedom of the individual human being; it has to do with exploring the relationship of the individual to the collective and of human beings to the world other than human beings.
We need new processes for shaping new forms of community among humans that depend on individuals who are able to respond; we need new understandings of what 'progress' might mean for co-creating a non-instrumental-explicit relationship with other life forms. We are aware of the intimate and necessary connection between freedom and responsibility for democracy, for new economic forms, for education and cultural forms that generate understanding, well-being, creative capacity and care.

Furthermore, we care about dialogue as a creative act and as an act of being human; generative listening; openness to the new, to the foreign; intuition as direct perception of things for what they are; respect; compassion; complexity; Awareness; presence; community building and collective creation.

We focus on the following main objectives: 

  • Making embodied experience visible as a basis for active meaning-making (focusing on how inner/outer change happens, to inspire and regenerate the system). The creation of 'tools of consciousness' and not 'objects of attention'.

  • Experimenting with the creation of new meanings as information to prototype the emerging future. 

  • Creating and co-creating a vision to help expand awareness of social change. 

  • Focusing on the experience of personal and social transformation in ethical and aesthetic forms as a work of art. 

  • Making the process of change visible through narratives, audio, video, meta-video.


  • Doing together: Practice-exercises, movement. 

  • Producing: Making photos, films, artefacts, performances, embodied prototypes, experiments, models, sketches, etc. 

  • Communicating: writing, recording, storytelling, books, etc. 

  • Participating, dialoguing and collaborating

We are looking forward to your willingness to join in and contribute on the ground.